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Heavy cheque book holder with special inside pocket. Imported clip to hold cheque book firmly for signing. Can hold standard sized chequebook upto 125 Leaves...
Rs 75
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Clear Document Envelopes are durable, lightweight and transparent files, best for storing loose papers, documents, notes, etc..
Rs 600
Ex Tax:Rs 600
Clipboard File A4A Quality folder for presentationof non-punched documentsin an executive setting...
Rs 100
Ex Tax:Rs 100
Small handy personal record file for storage and viewing of small documents and photos, elastic cord closure for extra security..
Rs 115
Ex Tax:Rs 115
Made with Archival safe polypropylene that does not stick or lift ink. Superior plastic clip holds sheets securely and prevents them from slipping. Ideal for storing punched loose papers or documents...
Rs 1,100
Ex Tax:Rs 1,100
Smart, semi-rigid, plastic files for holding and presenting project reports, proposals, conference documents etc. Report files are the perfect media for the modern stylish presentations. It's flexible plastic clip secures punched sheets tightly and prevents them from slipping...
Rs 800
Ex Tax:Rs 800
Ideal for carrying both A4 size and FC size punched documents. Made with light weight polypropylene which does not lift ink from papers and protects your documents . Perfect for meetings, conferences and presentations...
Rs 450
Ex Tax:Rs 450
Semi-rigid, plastic files for holding and presenting project reports, proposals, conference documents, etc. Light weight and flexible construction. Ideal for schools, colleges and offices...
Rs 900
Ex Tax:Rs 900
Rigid Opaque File for holding Punched Sheets. With Special Inside Pocket for Loose Sheets...
Rs 100
Ex Tax:Rs 100
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